Art under the bridges

There are many places in this city where urban art takes place and gets to flow and express by itself. There are many hidden spots where those who use spray paint as a form of expression have redecorated them leaving there their artistic impromptu. They might be somehow hard to find, but they’re surely part of the city we live at.

Shibari Attack group gathered together once again. This time we were celebrating three birthdays at the same time. Two of our riggers and one of our models were celebrating their birthdays within a few days lapse. That was enough motivation to celebrate and, as always, beside our typical friends celebration at a bar, let our ropes fly once more. Only a few steps away were we were celebrating, we found the perfect spot for our art. The place had already been taken by another group of artists who had decorated their walls with some brilliant urban paints called graffiti. We let our ropes fly there and the crowded group had a lot of fun impressing some casual walkers that happened to pass by.

We were in the middle of our work when we received an unexpected visit. It somehow helped us to get that so particularly recognizable color on some of our photos. Why?… You’ll understand it all when you take a look at the video and the photos that follow:

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