Mostra Irruption at La Plata City

KinbakuMania Dojo & Shibari Attack are always trying to spread the news about Shibari Kinbaku Art and helping curious people to discover their rope loving tendencies.

This time we traveled to La Plata city, near Buenos Aires federal district.  After we finished Dojo classes we packed our ropes and we moved to “the city of diagonals” (as La Plata is known) invited by Tirre to the “Ciclo Mostra” It’s a very special party full of sensuality and deeply based in gender freedom, in stereotypes abolition and were everybody celebrates their freedom to live their sexuality without the society already established ways and formats.

We started giving a short view of what Kinbaku and rope art is as an introduction for those in the reunion. We specially mentioned how powerful Kinbaku can be for the non verbal communication within the rope parties. Everybody’s faces were glowing radiant in anticipation.  When we asked them “who wants to be tied??” we soon felt overflowed with the number of candidates that were willing to experience the ropes. Almost EVERYBODY wanted to feel the ropes!!

With a deep smile on our faces we finished using our very last rope (from many) in what is until now the biggest number of rope models tied at the same time and together. We managed to count more than 28 people enjoying ropes at the same time.

But lets get you know what happened through the graphic testimonies, as one image worth a thousand words…

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