Birthday Present

One of our friends and Dojo Model, our beloved Jaspe, celebrated her birthday some days ago. The Shibari Attack group plotted to surprise her with something she wanted very much. We had happened to hear her expressing her desire to participate in one of our Shibari Attacks as a model. We wanted to grant her wish, but we never told her when or how would we do so.

That afternoon we appointed her for a rope model session at the Dojo without mentioning that the Shibari Attack Group was planning something for her. She arrived and after getting prepared for a standard afternoon of class modeling, we surprised her telling her about her birthday present. With a smile in her lips and a blindfold over her eyes she was driven to the Dojo’s rooftop were everything was ready for what was going to happen next.

You may enjoy bellow some of the photographic testimonies from that rope afternoon devoted to Jaspe:

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